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You Can Do This

You Can Do This

Psst…Hey, you…The one going through a trial right now. Let me tell you a story.

Once there was a woman who went through a crucible. That test lasted two years. Two painful, fear inducing, soul crushing years. She had moments in which she found herself on her knees praying to end the suffering, to diminish the pain, to bring relief. Two years in which life was gray and joyless and filled with moments she’d rather forget. She would take two steps forward, only to find herself ten steps backwards. She’d curse. She’d pray. Pity parties? Boy, could she throw an excellent soiree. Oh, and the fetal position became a new yoga pose. But she survived. And you will too.

I wish that there were a magic wand that I could wave over your life. I wish that there were a potion or a pill that you could take to make it go away. Truth is, life is trying to tell you something. It has exasperated every measure to get your attention, and now it has resorted to the crisis you find yourself in. It’s not fair, but it’s happening. How are you going to walk through this? How are you going to get back up on your feet? I’d say that right now, you don’t see any feasible way to dig your way out of this test. It’s okay. The woman felt that way too, but she committed herself to listen to the lessons, to learn, and to work her way through the darkness. And you will too.

There is no linear movement in a crisis. It’s a messy process filled with trial and error, but if you commit yourself to learning, you will find that you are stronger and wiser than you ever thought you could be. It won’t be easy. Think of it as boot camp for rebuilding your life. Sometimes we must peel back all our layers of muck in order to build a better version of ourselves. It’s not a pretty process, but it’s an essential task at some point in our lives. You can do this. I know you can.

As a survivor of both lifelong depression and the toughest trial I’ve ever endured, my mission is to help others turn their lives around. I’m no professional, but I would like to think that my journey can help others. Over the next several weeks, I will share with you the practices that have transformed my life. This is no step-by-step method. Life doesn’t work that way. I don’t promise enlightenment, but I do hope that you’ll find these practices beneficial on your path. Herewith are the topics that I’ll be sharing with you:

 1.  Commitment:  You can’t take the first step without this!

 2.  Gratitude:  Yes, I know, what more can I possibly say about this topic?

 3.  Practice, Practice, Practice:  The transformative power of meditation and/or prayer

 4.  Ghost Killing:  Clearing out the old to make room for the new

 5.  Solitude:  The importance of being by yourself

 6.  Find Your Tribe:  Surrounding yourself with supportive people

 7.  Skillset:  Finding that ONE thing and then doing it

 8.  Vision Board:  Just give it a try

 9.  Sunrise, Sunset:  Healing through nature

10. Forgiving Yourself and the Jerks:  Giving yourself and others permission to move forward

11.  Pay It Forward:  Giving without expectations

With love,