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Three Doors to a Different Side of Paris

Three Doors to a Different Side of Paris

Meandering the streets of Paris is always a surefire way to stumble upon hidden gems of the city. However, most of us are on a tight schedule when we’re on vacation, so aimlessly wandering around can sometimes feel like we’re losing precious time that could be spent marking things off our bucket list. What if I told you that I can send you on a scavenger hunt for beautiful Parisian doors that will allow you to hit those dream sights as well as Instagram worthy shots that your friends won’t have? Herewith, my dear friends, are three doors that will open a side of Paris that you may otherwise miss.

1. 29 Avenue Rapp

This door is quite possibly the most famous in all of Paris, but most people may not realize that it’s located within a ten-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1901, this ultimate example of Art Nouveau design was a bit scandalous for its day. Close inspection reveals erotic images that surely set Paris ablaze after its reveal, but today we can enjoy the door’s impeccable craftsmanship. After you’ve studied the intricacies of this delightful door, cross the street to Rue du Général Camou. take a right onto Allée Maurice Baumont, and cross through the Champ de Mars to find yourself standing in front of the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Métro Stop:  École-Militaire or Alma-Marceau

On this day, the door was covered with a public notice of construction for the building which was completed in December 2018

2.  8 Rue du Parc Royal

Nestled in the heart of the Marais, the door of 8 Rue du Parc Royal is a gardener’s delight. This vine-covered portal leads scholars and researchers to the German Historical Institute Paris or Institut historique allemand. While most casual tourists may lack the credentials to conduct research here, one may certainly enjoy the aesthetic qualities of both the architecture as well as the carefully manicured grounds. Once you’ve admired this tranquil setting, take a right out of the courtyard and follow the curving street to the Musée Picasso Paris, located within a two-minute walk.

Métro Stop:  Chemin Vert

Carefully trained vines create an emerald oasis in the Marais.

3.  1 Rue des Trois Frères

Located in a not-oft-visited part of Montmartre, 1 Rue des Trois Frères is a perfect example of 19th Century French architecture. The door’s appeal is found in its overall simplicity accentuated with iron lion inlays and plaster fruits and flowers above. The street, which was owned by three brothers—trois frères, was opened around 1840 and embodies the hilly terrain that makes Montmartre so famous. Today, the building houses two upscale clothing stores for both men and women, so don’t forget to bring some cash if you’re in the mood to shop. Head uphill to find more tony shops as well as cafés for refueling before you make the seven-minute hike to the beautiful Sacré Coeur Basilica for a stunning panoramic view of Paris.

Métro Stop:  Anvers or Abbesses

Located only seven minutes from the Sacré Coeur Basilica, this door is a perfect example of Montmartre’s architectural history.

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