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Rue des Thermopyles, A Traveler's Tiny Jackpot in the Heart of Paris

Rue des Thermopyles, A Traveler's Tiny Jackpot in the Heart of Paris


Nestled in the heart of the 14th arrondissement of Paris lies a quiet little gem of a street, Rue des Thermopyles. Now, let me be frank with you. We stayed around the corner from this street and passed it a dozen times before I even bothered to turn my head and notice it. After taking in this tiny dream of a rue, I realized that its residents probably enjoy the fact that it’s tucked away and hardly noticeable, which made me feel a bit guilty that I discovered their sweet secret. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for directions to Rue des Thermopyles.


Stepping onto the cobblestone street instantly transports you to a Paris of yore. After turning off Rue Raymond Losserand and its bustling energy of marchés, restaurants, and salons, Rue des Thermopyles offers a sanctuary from the modern life of Parisians. I was fortunate to have visited during the summer, so the wisteria and blooming flowers displayed a tapestry of colors and textures. Bicycles leaning upon the stone walls and les chats creeping through secret gardens added to the allure and to my feeling that I had hit the traveler’s jackpot. Surely, every Parisian escapes to this tiny bucolic rue at some point. I have a hunch that they don’t, but they most definitely should. And you most definitely should take a moment from seeing tourist monuments to soak in this mini-dream of a street.


Since the street is not very long and won’t take much of your time, I recommend that you return to Rue Raymond Losserand for a bite to eat and then to explore this less touristy part of Paris. (It's my favorite arrondissement, by the way!) I recommend Cité Imperiale Restaurant Chinois or Pizza Nellie. If you have a hankering for something sweet, check out de Neuville Chocolat français, a chocolate lover’s paradise!  All are five minutes or less from Rue des Thermopyles.

 The colors and textures of the street are a treat!

The colors and textures of the street are a treat!



Getting There

  • Rue des Thermopyles is easily reached by the Paris Métro system.
  • Take Line 13 in the direction of Châtillon-Montrouge and get off at the Pernety stop.
  • After exiting onto the street, take a right onto Rue Raymond Losserand and walk approximately 560 feet.
  • You will find Rue des Thermopyles on your left. It looks like an alley, but it’s really quite magical!
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