Welcome to my little corner of the world where I share tips and recommendations for travel, musings about life, and images from my adventures around the world!

Wander. Wonder. Explore. Grow.


Greetings, fellow Wanderlusters!

Welcome to Dusty Soles! Join me as I reflect on travel and life. Just like my first backpacking trip overseas, I have no specific destination with this blog. My hope is to inspire readers to tap into a sense of adventure, to dust off a suitcase, and to hit the road!

Along the way, I'll share travel tips, reviews, photo essays, and lessons learned. For those of you who are afraid to travel with children, I will offer suggestions for activities, for traveling comfortably, and for maintaining your sanity! 

There is no greater education than seeing the world. Immersing yourself in a new culture, or even a city three hours away, helps you understand that we're all not so different from each other. In the end, we all want happiness, peace, a safe place to call home, and as much joy as possible. Travel connects us. It is vital for maintaining the interconnectedness of the human race.

So, join me in my global adventures of past, present, and future. I can't wait to get started!




Rock Star...Well, to me...

Rock Star...Well, to me...